Top 6 investments in the apartment

When I talk about the importance of interior design, I always refer to the study that revealed that we spend 87% of our lives indoors … so our quality of life is strongly influenced by the arrangements in which we spend our time, whether we refer to home or at work.

Given the current situation due to the quarantine of the whole world, I think the percentage has changed for most of us in 99% of the time spent ONLY at home.

So I hope it’s time to carefully analyze our own homes and optimize them as much as possible during this period.

I plan to bring my contribution with ideas and proposals to anyone who wants to improve their living space.

The first article on this topic, filmed in early March, when this situation was just a bad dream, emphasizes the importance of the main elements in each apartment and the need to invest in quality products.

To reward your visit to the blog, I will reveal the investment with no. 7 for me personally, it was a Vifa portable speaker, which I use daily … definitely the best investment in the apartment. It is important to set your personal priorities to clarify where you need to pay the most attention. I studied the violin for 12 years and the high quality sound in the music I listen to is very important, so the speaker I listen to must be the best, of course on the budget I can afford.

For the other necessary and generally valid investments, I invite you to find them here: