The apartment of an architect, arranged with 15,000 euros

Hello dear interior design enthusiasts!
Today I share a place very dear to me: this apartment of an architect who is actually …. ta-daaa: “my crib”. 🙂
I was lucky enough to buy my first apartment when I was 26 (some say the term I should use is crazy, not lucky, but what does it matter? :). It’s bought on credit, of course, and I still have a century to pay off the bank, but it’s been a dream of mine since I knew myself.
I invite you to watch the tour of my house, a 75 sq m apartment, located in Cluj Napoca.

I filmed this material with the thought that maybe the tricks I used in my own apartment, can help some of you in your arrangements.
I am waiting for your curiosities from the world of interior design and proposals in comments.

Design life! To the fullest.