Teaching my first interior design course, how was the experience

You may have noticed I wasn’t active on the site lately, and if you follow me on social media, you also know why: I had the chance and the joy to teach an interior design course in Cluj Napoca.

I remember perfectly the day of February 12, when I nervously prepared the room for my first class. I can say from the bottom of my heart that it was one of the most beautiful experiences in my career so far … I craved the day i get to talk for hours on interior design, and to have people as enthusiastic as me about the subject around.

When your family and friends can no longer hear you talking about architecture and interior design … it’s time to look for passionate people elsewhere, and fortunately for me I found them here, at the course. 🙂

I had a talented and energetic group that exceeded my expectations in all aspects. If that’s the type of all the interior design students, I do not want to stop teaching ever. From people coming from the banking / economic field, to lawyers, engineers, students, doctors and many others … a group of awesome and fun people… it was a pleasure to teach them.

I structured this course as I would have liked to learn the basics when I started: from moodboards to color psychology and lighting, design styles and showroom visits (find more details about course structure here: https : //edlab.ro/). In this way, I thank once again Kitchen for You and Delta Studio, who hosted a course in their showrooms in Cluj Napoca.

At the end of the course, the most satisfying aspect, was to see that the students started their personal projects where they asked me little tips … and I hope this is the beginning of the road for all 20 participants to build many amazing interiors .

Looking back, I can not believe that the first course has already ended (largely because we organized an advanced course with the majority of graduates and the adventure continues :))).
But for those curious about the beginners course, I got some “statements” you can find in the video below.

We start a new interior design course for beginners on September 10, I’m waiting for you guys!

Design life. The fullest!