Starbucks vs architecture

If you ask an architect what he thinks about the design of Starbucks cafes, he will tell you that it is a long-used concept, nothing innovative: lots of wood, well-lit shop windows, comfortable chairs and armchairs, coffee bags, in short: a classic recipe, nothing innovative.
“He would be right … in the sense of no words” (the expression of a professor).
The concept of Starbucks cafes has been studied for a long time. How? “Starbucks interviewed thousands of coffee drinkers to find out what they wanted from a coffee shop.
The commonalities on their wish list were overwhelming, and they had nothing in common with the coffee itself.” they were looking for a place to relax, a place to feel at home. For example, Starbucks uses round tables in particular, because thousands of people have noticed that there are no “empty” seats at such a table. If you choose to drink your coffee here, you want to feel at home, and 3 other empty seats at the table where you sit does not help you in this regard. A simple observation from lonely consumers, which you will not find in any design / architecture book. The main reason why you cross the threshold of Starbucks is the ambiance, not the coffee. Well done, Starbucks!
A small example in which the user experience is highlighted, so if you plan to open a small shop, we have provided you with the recipe: interview a few thousand potential customers.
That list + a good designer guarantees you The recipe for success. Simple, isn’t it? 🙂