Project of the week- “The Farm”

Did you expect a farm with animals? This is not what we study here.
Named “La finca”, in translation “The farm”, this house is as far away from the traditional farm as possible.
A luxury villa, located around the city of Madrid, completed in 2010 … it is part from the series of houses that I fell in love with in the first years of college.
The shape of the house is given by clear volumes and straight lines, having a total area of ​​”only” 1600 sqm. And yes, in case you’re wondering, only one family lives here. 🙂
The front of the house is covered with marble and travertine, the simplicity of the lines being the strong point of this architecture. I leave attached some images of this project.
Consumed with care, they can provoke desires for homes with many millions of euros. 🙂

More information about this house can be found here: credits:
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