How to turn a child’s room into a magical land

The options that come with a little person are endless. Although some of the first decisions may be daunting, we are here to talk about an easy, even fun look.
Here’s your guide to giving you the “magic” elements you need to know when setting up your cheerful room. What you can do in creating this space is to create an ambiance that will make you smile, relax and enjoy … because after all, you will spend a lot of time in this room.
1. The tent
One of the most important factors in raising children is to stimulate their imagination and creativity. Following countless studies on children’s development, it turns out that one of the easiest ways to stimulate their creativity is to create a playground for them. An atypical space in shape: under the stairs, in the attic or in another corner of the house. If you do not have such spaces available, I advise you to buy a tent. We have attached below links for the most beautiful tents on the market. It is a small investment, with a major impact.

Tent number 1 – 59,99$ :

Tent number 2 – 31,99$:

Tent number 3 – 49,99$ :

2. Lights:
The different types of lights used are the elements that sprinkle magic in the room. Diffuse light is an element that must exist in every child’s room. I come up with some ideas attached below:

Light 1 – 26,99$ :

Light 2 – 13,99$ :

Light 3 – 9,99$ :

Light 4 – 11,99$ :

Light 5 – 17,99$ :

3. Wall stickers:
In every children’s room I arrange I put stickers on the walls. Their range is so varied, from polka dots, to stars, planets, mountains and animals … you just have to respect the color palette and choose your favorite stickers. I attach my favorites below:

Gold dots –
14,99$ :
White clouds –
11,99$ :

Cosmos –
10,90$ :

The child’s room is a great place to accommodate items that have been taken from the family, as well as new items.
The room should be a reflection of your taste and style, as well as the rest of the house.
If you are intimidated by the arrangement process, start with the color palette: choose the basic colors and build from there. I attach some images for inspiration:

Remember, it’s your home, your family’s. If it makes you smile, then it is perfectly arranged.
Decorate it! Design life. To the fullest!